With extensive experience of healing and supporting the spiritual growth of others, Kefah Bates now shares some of the most significant teachings and practical guidance to empower you. She demystifies why you carry blocks to healing, how pain manifests and what you need to know to untether yourself from Karmic patterns. To understand that YOU are the creator of your reality, you are shown that your TRUE guide is everything that you do not know about yourself. You are reminded that to find your truth is to follow yourself. At this time you are called to REMEMBER your light. If you wish to awaken and live the purpose of your true self, then you can understand how to do this in ‘Live the Life of Empowerment’. Print – eBook – Audio.

Kefah Bates knowledge and understanding of the process of healing and how to liberate the self has come from years of work as a Healer, Counsellor and Spiritual Teacher. Having shared these truths through private practice, leading workshops and courses, she now communicates these higher principles as a speaker and writer on Healing and Empowerment.

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