Shamanic healing (Old)

Shamanic Healing – Healing Edinburgh is developing a new integrative approach, to be out for April 2018. To find out more please go to contact.


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You may need Shamanic healing if any of the following feels significant for you.  However, you will be helped to understand which form of healing is most appropriate for you.




Extraction – Trapped energies can live within our own energy fields and disrupt the harmony of the body.  It may be that these energies came from somewhere else or where created by our own doing, whichever you may experience feeling depleted, out of control or suffer from physical symtoms that seem to confuse you.

Soul Retrieval – When soul loss occurs you may experience feeling that something is missing, you feel things that dont make sense to your present reality or that some part of you has been taken away.  Through a spiritual journey you can retrieve and re-unite with the soul part of you that became fragmented.

Past life work – In many cases I have seen such clarity, healing and peace brought to someones present life due to healing a past one.  Seeing cycles occur in your present life can be extended to lives you have lived before, through spiritual sight I can see, heal and work with you to weave a new resolve.

Psychpomp work – This work supports and heals those who have died and have yet to fully leave this reality.  Many times when there have been past trauma’s that the soul has not able to resolve in their lives this may lead to their soul’s remaining in spiritual limbo, unable to fully pass on.   Please contact me if you feel you need more information, this is a sacred work which will be handled gently and sensitively.

#Please note that work off premises will be charged differently, to be discussed case by case.