Healing (Old)

Go deeper by using Energy Healing or Shamanic Healing.  For well being of Spirit, Soul and Body. 


Energy HealingEnergy Healing
Energy Healing has a profoundly relaxing effect on people. By working with the bodies energy field Kefah has the ability to detect blockages in the main energy centres (also known as Chakras).  These blockages can be removed, cleansed and balanced allowing flow of energy to those parts of the body for vitality and health to be restored. Energy Healing is very effective when the body is or has suffered from a long term depletion of energy, illness or stress.   Read more…



Shamacandle 4nic Healing 
Shamanic Healing incorporates all aspects of our being, head, body, heart and spirit.  Shamanic healing goes deeper and moves at a much faster pace and for that reason people can experience a powerful journey.   On average people have 2-3 sessions and then often a resolve is experienced.  A healing may involve trapped energies being extracted or soul parts retrieved.  Read more…