Anyone who longs to find their place in the world, know who they are and their Soul purpose, will find these insights powerful and inspiring. Informative and interactive join Kefah at the SEMINAR Saturday 23rd March and Workshop Sunday 24th March, 2019. Read on for full details…….


Recover Trust to Following Your Truth
and Opening Your Heart

Saturday 23rd March 2019
10am – 12.30pm, Admission £10

Quaker Meeting House,
7 Victoria St, Edinburgh.

Take part in this Seminar and Workshop as it tours the major cities of the UK, 2019.

“A power is birthed with every Truth that is ignited within you.”

Take part in this Seminar as it tours the major cities of the UK, 2019.

This Seminar shares universal messages helping us to understand the inner capacity we have to create our life, to awaken from pain and deliver our self.

ATTEND and you will be INSPIRED and MOVED to-

• Sustain the connection to your True Self.
• Go beyond coping with life and begin to create it.
• Remove the limits that hold you back from being who you were
meant to be.
• Unravel the mystery of your original sate of being and what you
are here to do.

Expanding on the teachings of Kefah’s new book ‘Live the Life of Empowerment’ you can expect Knowledge, sharing and a lot of practical guidance.

For anyone longing to open.

Ticket to be purchased before the event, go to BUY TICKETS.

Or Call 07803004459

You can also work personally and deeper with Kefah and attend the,

Day Workshop
Living your Truth and
opening your Heart.

Sunday 24th March 2019
10am -4.30pm, £80 Conc.£65

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre,
25 Palmerston Pl, Edinburgh.

This day immersion will help you go deeper into the core principles of the Seminar, helping you recover trust in living your truth and opening your heart.

Throughout the day we will explore and integrate the true meaning of heart sensitivity and its role to your higher potential.  You will meet the truer essence of yourself and prepare the path for you to open more fully to what this means for you.  You will explore with greater awareness what feels real to you and how you can align your life to live your truth.

Kefah has extensive experience helping people open to the higher development of their Soul, empower their self through the healing process and realise their innate sensitivity.

ONLY 12 spaces available, . The workshop is delivered using meditative practices, inner visioning and active discussion.

Cost : £80

Please BOOK early to avoid disappointment. Payment is in advance.

To BOOK please Email.




More than ever we are being called to know our self and grow our innate being. Healing sheds light on internal struggle, where you may need clarity, release, to receive and be supported through discord of any kind. Kefah’s years of experience means that she can offer support at any level of being, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Kefah is offering you the opportunity to work with her individually, and to focus on YOUR NEEDS. To out more read on……

What can you receive?

Healing and invaluable teachings will support you to find a way through.  Here are descriptions of the services offered.

Counselling or Mentoring – To gain clarity that you need be given the space to be heard and understood.  Counselling offers you the opportunity to find yourself at crossroads and bring direction when you feel lost.  At your own pace you can bring the reassurance and opening that is right for you.  Duration – 1 Hour

Healing – When you are struggling sometimes it is not clear what you need.  Using her unique sensitivity to feel into the story of your pain Kefah will help guide you through and track what you carry back to its source.  Using release practices you will be helped to clear toxic energies and bring back the vital energies that you need.  Duration – 2 Hours


1 Hour Session £80

2 Hour Session £140

Please Email to book a session or inquire about any of the above services.

Get in touch

Find out if this is for you by coming for a half an hour session to help open your exploration with no obligation to continue.  Cost £30

If you have any questions or want further clarification please get in touch.  Kefah Bates is available through email and will get back to you within 24 hours of your enquiry.





Water Lilly


For Counselling and Mentoring
Duration: 1 Hour | Cost: £80

For Healing
Duration: 2 Hour | Cost: £140

Inner Light Mentoring Program
This Program is delivered in person once a month over 8 months.

Duration of Monthly Session: 1 Hour | Cost: £65




Paulo da Costa is a qualified  Edinburgh based Astrologer, Healer and Coach. Paulo has a genuine passion for helping and healing people. He uniquely combines the ancient knowledge of Astrology where he can see your past, current situation, and future trends. He can help and heal via a unique combination of Shamanic Practices, Hypnotherapy and Reiki.


  • Shamanic Practitioner – Tormain Centre – 2018
  • Analytical Hypnotherapy – Hypno Perth   – 2013
  • Advanced Life Coaching Skills– Stonebridge College – 2013
  • Astrology –   Seres de Luz – 2003
  • Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression – Alberto Lopes – 2003
  • Reiki Level I – Joao Cruz – 2002


“Kefah’s allowed me to feel courage from a place of fear and confusion – she opened a new path to follow at a point in my life when I could see no positive way forward.” J Tanish “A trusting environment to reveal your most inner depths with a healing that actually heals to the roots of the issue.” M Livingstone “I feel able to speak my truth without any judgement. Kefah has helped me move forward spiritually and emotionally.” K Mcmillan “She helps me gain clarity, knowledge and understanding of my life in the broader context of the universe. It has helped me to take responsibility for all aspects of my health.”L Downie “I had become very depressed and always disappointed with my life path. Kefah helped me with very comforting sessions, I finally feel the person I deserve to be.” V Alonzi “I feel that she sees me in ways I had not previously felt seen, and this helps me see and love myself in greater fullness.” G Rowland “After I experienced a spiritual awakening my whole life started to change. She helped me understand I am not losing my mind. She is dedicated and she is here to offer her support.” R Rusoaie “She has helped me re-empower myself after a traumatic illness and I have found that big changes took place to help steer me towards reaching my full potential.” J Thewes “I always had a desire to look deeper into the old wounds I was carrying. I have a better understanding of who I am now as a whole person.” L Proudfoot “Kefah is an outstanding teacher, I fully trusted her as she carries peace, kindness and strength. Every time I need advice, healing or simply peace I look for Kefah.” P d Costa