Health radiates in you and all that blocks the way to the vital essence of you seeks understanding. Realise how to ‘see’ yourself without filters. What you can see in yourself has the ability to transform your life. Read on to find out about the healing you can receive.

Healing and invaluable teachings will support you to find a way through your struggle and to find balance again.  Through your personal healing journey you will be helped to open to your sensitivity in a careful way.  Here are descriptions of the services offered.

Energy Work – Whether you need to receive energy healing or be shown how to work on yourself you can reinstate harmony and vitality to your energy system. During illness, stress, trauma or pain your energy becomes tired, toxic or congested. Experience the body feeling lighter through energy healing and help your energy system to feel replenished and equipped to serve your recovery and give you the relief you are looking for.

Chakra Balancing – Balancing the chakra system not only is able to create free flowing energy that is needed for optimum health it can bring clarity to why you are feeling the way you are.  Unblocking power points in the body accelerates your healing process and brings overall harmony to you.

Trauma Release – When you suffer discomfort at an extreme level there lies the potential that the energy of that pain remains trapped within you.  It does so because you have not felt safe to reach into this pain for the memory of it even if not conscious brings up to much fear.  In a safe and held way you will be helped to release this pain and understand what it had to teach you on your path.

Energetic Intrusions – When you feel you are carrying other peoples energy or even may come with beings that have attached their self to you then you can feel drained of this energy, over powered by it and even provoked.  Know that if you have this sense and it is disturbing to you, you will be helped to understand what it is, how it came to be and whether it is time to release it.

Grounding and Breath Techniques – Self care is an essential part of recovery, self maintenance and taking responsibility for your healing process.  Be taught techniques and practices that will be tailored to your personal circumstances that can bring about optimum health within you.

Ancestral Healing – Reach further into understanding your personal journey by being guided to heal your ancestors.  This sensitive work has powerful effects to releasing you from your own suffering as you learn that you can carry illness from generations that have gone before you.

Counselling – To gain clarity that you need be given the space to be heard and understood.  Counselling offers you the opportunity to find yourself at crossroads and bring direction when you feel lost.

Visioning – Experience the healing process through your own seeing.  You will be guided to feel into what you bring to find healing.  To see through your psychic eye brings about your higher knowing.  You do not need to have experience to be able to do this and will be guided all the way through.

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What you believe you become. Be supported to create clearer pathways to following that which comes through your inner knowing. It is not in what you have been shown that creates you but what you know from within. Freeing your power comes through understanding what lives in the higher capacity of yourself. Read on to find out what you can receive.

Working with your truth can bring you to the sovereignty of your being. Embodying your light self is a powerful challenge. Understand the blocks to this and what you can do to live your light below.

Raising and Aligning Energy – Under careful instruction you can be helped to harness the powers that lie within your energy system for well being and helping you open to your higher potential.  You will be guided to know what you are experiencing and what can help serve you to strengthen this part of you.

Connection to Spiritual Guides – Connecting to spiritual beings can be daunting and also over powering.  Learn how to do this so that you reinforce your seeing and explore the unseen world that waits to support you in your life.

Working with your Higher Self – Working in relationship with your higher self is a powerful alliance that has the ability to steer your faith in the choices that you make.  You will be guided to know what this means, how this can impact your life and to differentiate between your higher self and other energies.

Power Retrieval – What you believe creates your reality.  You will be helped to open to your truth beyond the noise of the soul and integrate teachings that will reinforce your empowerment for your personal spiritual journey.  Bringing out in your life what is real to you is the way to your light.

Awakening Psychic Potential – Many people feel that they want to develop their psychic abilities but either doubt their self or fear this path.  You will be shown to understand your personal potential and be helped to open to the sensitive world of ‘seeing’.

Spiritual Awakening Guidance – Energetic transformations can be uncomfortable and can happen at any time often when we least expect them to.  Know that if you feel unsafe, worried or unsure you will find relief and help to navigate your way through to serve your higher potential.

Spiritual Counselling – Higher Teachings on spiritual development brings you the grounding you need to move into the direction that has been shown to you.  Opening to the spiritual aspect of yourself, understanding higher truths and bringing about inner knowing are just some of the elements that you can receive through spiritual counselling.

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Water Lilly


For healing and empowerment – The need to receive healing, counselling or spiritual teachings can come at any time for you. There are many challenging symptoms that can make you feel out of balance, from pain, anxiety, mental unease to seeking guidance for spiritual awakening or working with energies. At this time enhance the knowing of yourself and gain the guidance you need for relief, clarity and direction.

Duration: 1 Hour | Cost: £80


Kefah Bates


Through years as a healer, counsellor and spiritual teacher Kefah has underpinned her knowledge and understanding of soul-spiritual development. Her endevour is to continue the help guide others to realise their potential and promote universal higher truths that many are seeking to remember. Kefah’s seeing embodies the belief that to change the course of our lives and live the potential of what we have come for we must begin by knowing ourselves. Kefah is presently running a private practice and has led workshops, courses and ceremonies in Healing and Empowerment. She is developing her work as a writer and speaker and now offers talks and seminars world wide.


Live the Life of Empowerment

‘Live the Life of Empowerment – Find the light within yourself and live to free all that you are.’ is now available in Print, EBook and coming soon in Audio.  Take this opportunity to find out why you are who you are, understand the blocks that limit you from reaching your higher potential and learn how to grow self-belief and trust in the power of you.  Take a look inside by clicking here.


“Kefah’s allowed me to feel courage from a place of fear and confusion – she opened a new path to follow at a point in my life when I could see no positive way forward.” J Tanish “A trusting environment to reveal your most inner depths with a healing that actually heals to the roots of the issue.” M Livingstone “I feel able to speak my truth without any judgement. Kefah has helped me move forward spiritually and emotionally.” K Mcmillan “She helps me gain clarity, knowledge and understanding of my life in the broader context of the universe. It has helped me to take responsibility for all aspects of my health.”L Downie “I had become very depressed and always disappointed with my life path. Kefah helped me with very comforting sessions, I finally feel the person I deserve to be.” V Alonzi “I feel that she sees me in ways I had not previously felt seen, and this helps me see and love myself in greater fullness.” G Rowland “After I experienced a spiritual awakening my whole life started to change. She helped me understand I am not losing my mind. She is dedicated and she is here to offer her support.” R Rusoaie “She has helped me re-empower myself after a traumatic illness and I have found that big changes took place to help steer me towards reaching my full potential.” J Thewes “I always had a desire to look deeper into the old wounds I was carrying. I have a better understanding of who I am now as a whole person.” L Proudfoot “Kefah is an outstanding teacher, I fully trusted her as she carries peace, kindness and strength. Every time I need advice, healing or simply peace I look for Kefah.” P d Costa