Hearing the story of your pain and being guided to know the source of it brings relief. In a safe space you can ‘see’ yourself and have the ability to transform the way you live your life. When you need answers to what has created your pain, or clarity to why it has come to you, then it is time for healing. Use the potential of this moment to help you free yourself from this internal struggle. To Find out About What is Offered, Read on…….

Healing and invaluable teachings will support you to find a way through.  Here are descriptions of the services offered.

Energy Work & Chakra Balancing – Whether you need to receive energy healing or be shown how to work on yourself you can reinstate harmony and vitality to your energy system. During illness, stress, trauma or pain your energy becomes tired, toxic or congested.  Balancing the Chakra system not only is able to create free flowing energy that is needed for optimum health it can bring clarity to why you are feeling the way you are.   Duration – 1 Hour

Counselling – To gain clarity that you need be given the space to be heard and understood.  Counselling offers you the opportunity to find yourself at crossroads and bring direction when you feel lost.  At your own pace you can bring the reassurance and opening that is right for you.  Duration – 1 Hour

Healing – When you are struggling sometimes it is not clear what you need.  Using her unique sensitivity to feel into the story of your pain Kefah will help guide you through and track what you carry back to its source.  Using release practices you will be helped to clear toxic energies and bring back the vital energies that you need.  Duration – 2 Hours

Soul Retrieval – To be whole our being needs to integrate all its experiences.  When we experience intense, volatile and stressful situations this can force you to ‘lose’ or fragment the Soul.  Often if you need this work you can feel that you have lost a part of yourself, become energetically drained or feel blocked to being your true self.  Duration – 2 Hours

Extraction – When you feel you are carrying other peoples energy or even may come with beings that have attached their self to you then you can feel drained of this energy, over powered by it and even provoked.  Know that if you have this sense and it is disturbing to you, you will be helped to understand what it is, how it came to be and whether it is time to release it.   Duration – 2 Hours


1 Hour Session £80

2 Hour Session £140

Please Email to book a session or inquire about any of the above services.





Nurture your Light through the darker months ahead. More than ever we are being called to know our self and grow our innate being. I am now offering a Mentoring Program to help you grow your light consciously. A ONE to ONE 8 month program tailored to suit YOU. Many people feel that after they go on courses, intensive retreats or receive one off healing they still find their self looking for a consistent space that maintains their inner growth. Kefah is offering you the opportunity to work with her individually, and to focus on YOUR NEEDS. To Find out What you Need to Know, Read on……

What can you receive?

Kefah is combining both her advanced healing sensitivity and higher teachings to deliver an integrated service that helps you to open. Your personal session gives you the space for inner enquiry and practice to grow.

The following are only some of the areas that you can be helped with –

Explore the path that you are on, the meaning in your life and how you have come to be who you are.

Strengthen and nurture the well-being of your physical, emotional, mental and energetic body.

Be helped to feel what is essential to your process of opening and how this can be enhanced.

Grow your Inner knowing and personal Truth. This could be to support to deepen your psychic gifts or personal practice.

Gain knowledge about the intelligence of your sensitivity and be helped to advance to a higher state safely.

Develop your will power to create the reality that you wish to live, aligned to your True Self.


What you need to know?

The program is run over 8 months and can start at any time.

Sessions are in person, once a month, at a time and date that suits your schedule with a similar arrangement made for the following months.

Sessions last 1 hour and times offered are flexible, ranging from morning, afternoon or evening.

After completion of the program you will receive a thorough review of your process throughout your time.

Each session is £65 and can be paid by cash/cheque or transfer.


Who is this for?

You may feel you are just beginning your inner exploration and want clarity to the experiences you are feeling and support to opening carefully.

You are already developing your inner practice and knowing but need guidance to overcoming the blocks that hold you back from going deeper.

You are working strongly out of your light self and wish to look to your higher purpose, develop your unique seeing with confidence or develop your path towards the Supreme Self.

Get in touch

Find out if this is for you by coming for a half an hour session to help open your exploration with no obligation to continue.  Cost £30

If you have any questions or want further clarification please get in touch.  Kefah Bates is available through email and will get back to you within 24 hours of your enquiry.





Water Lilly


For Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing or Spiritual Counselling.
Duration: 1 Hour | Cost: £80

For Shamanic Healing
Duration: 2 Hour | Cost: £140

Inner Light Mentoring Program
This Program is delivered in person once a month over 8 months.

Duration of Monthly Session: 1 Hour | Cost: £65



Kefah Bates


Close to Kefah’s heart is the meaning of God Consciousness.  In her exploration she has studied the traditions of Islam, Christianity, Anthroposophy, Theosophy, Buddhism and Shamanism.  She is trained in Energy Work, Reiki, Yoga, Counselling and Shamanism.  Here are just some of the extensive teaching she has led, ranging from regular Healing Circles and Ceremonies, workshops and courses in Energy Work, Exploring the Medicine Wheel, Working with Spiritual Guides, Freeing the Spiritual Warrior, Healing the Inner Child, Empowering the Inner Male and Female and Heart and Mind Alignment.  She has trained others in Energy Healing and as Shamanic Practitioners. Kefah is working one to one at her practice in Edinburgh.



Kefah Bates brings these higher teachings to you as a speaker on Healing and Empowerment. Her work is offered through talks and seminars on the knowledge of her newly released book ‘Live the Life of Empowerment’. Her hands on experience underpins all her teaching and she is able to bring clear understanding to help people to open to their higher selves. For all enquiries and promotional material for talks, seminars or conferences please get in touch.


“Kefah’s allowed me to feel courage from a place of fear and confusion – she opened a new path to follow at a point in my life when I could see no positive way forward.” J Tanish “A trusting environment to reveal your most inner depths with a healing that actually heals to the roots of the issue.” M Livingstone “I feel able to speak my truth without any judgement. Kefah has helped me move forward spiritually and emotionally.” K Mcmillan “She helps me gain clarity, knowledge and understanding of my life in the broader context of the universe. It has helped me to take responsibility for all aspects of my health.”L Downie “I had become very depressed and always disappointed with my life path. Kefah helped me with very comforting sessions, I finally feel the person I deserve to be.” V Alonzi “I feel that she sees me in ways I had not previously felt seen, and this helps me see and love myself in greater fullness.” G Rowland “After I experienced a spiritual awakening my whole life started to change. She helped me understand I am not losing my mind. She is dedicated and she is here to offer her support.” R Rusoaie “She has helped me re-empower myself after a traumatic illness and I have found that big changes took place to help steer me towards reaching my full potential.” J Thewes “I always had a desire to look deeper into the old wounds I was carrying. I have a better understanding of who I am now as a whole person.” L Proudfoot “Kefah is an outstanding teacher, I fully trusted her as she carries peace, kindness and strength. Every time I need advice, healing or simply peace I look for Kefah.” P d Costa